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While her husband was battling cancer, Joanna heard a calling from God to start writing. She chuckled at first, reminding God that she didn’t like words or spelling. He had given her a talent for numbers and equations instead. To her utter amazement, God made her new and transformed her in ways she never thought possible. He blessed her with the ability to write and draw. They came together as one in her book, Jesus Steps In.

Since then, Joanna has pursued God relentlessly and devoted her time to prayer, devotion, opening her eyes to His wonders, and learning to walk on water, in complete trust, with Him. She wants to know God more and understand the life she has been given and its many blessings.

Both talents are displayed in Joanna’s new book, Jesus Steps In. Although she knows His grace is beyond words, she wrote a book about her pursuit of God. Joanna notes that she wants God to receive all the glory from her story because it is also a part of His story.

Put your seat belt on and join Joanna Glass in the most incredible journey of learning, loving, and understanding God. Watch Him teach and mold Joanna for a purposeful Christian life that’s beyond her vision.

An Author’s Note

“Jesus Steps In is a book about an amazing spiritual journey with God, with my life as the back drop. Mere words can’t begin to describe God’s love in my life. I have witnessed God’s tremendous power and found His love is without bounds.

When my life lay in pieces, I discovered the healing God holds in His hands. I turned to God with many questions throughout my life. He gave me wisdom as I grew in faith. He made a way through my life not only to survive hard times, but to flourish and grow in my faith and my love for Him.

When my life hung by a thread, I placed it in God’s hands. He stepped into the darkness that was collapsing all around me and saved my life. It was the moment my eyes were truly opened. I knew I could trust God with my life, my heart, and my future. Please join me on the most incredible journey of discovering God and growing in faith.

I shattered dreams and I disappointed many people when I was still a girl. I left the safety of my parents’ home and traveled down a different road. Frightened and pregnant, I fell into a descending tunnel of confusion, fear, abuse, and pain.

My first husband, Tom, lived in a dark hole filled with depression, mental illness, and dangerous and suicidal thoughts. Later in life, I found a warm, caring, and gentle love. New dreams were made, adventures taken, and true love blossomed.

A lightning bolt pierced our hearts and lives in a small doctor’s office. It marked the beginning of the end of our lives together. This traumatic event started me on a journey towards an even deeper relationship with God. It also took me back in time to a past I avoided looking at, with good reason.

During our battle with cancer, I began keeping a journal about the changes in our lives. I spent more time with Jesus and began to write about my encounters with Him. Jesus’ amazing love for me was without bounds. He became my dearest friend and my constant companion.

The death of my second husband brought flashbacks of my first husband and a previous life of abuse that nearly ended my life. As I looked back, I saw the growth in my faith and a deeper understanding of my life spent with God.

Although it was difficult to write, and I shed many tears, I wanted to share my incredible journey with Jesus. Sometimes the writing was too hard. I put it down and walked away many times, but Jesus stepped in and kept me going. The fact that this book exists at all is a victory.

God showed me hope. The hope He gives you and me is forever. It is in us, next to us, and all around us. Hope is with you every moment, no matter how dark, no matter the circumstances. His hope and love never leave your side.

I hope you find assurance of God’s love as you journey with me through some of life’s most difficult times and times of great joy. God never failed me and He will never fail you. He helped me throughout my journey in ways I couldn’t have imagined. He will do the same for you.

If we keep our scars hidden and the stories that go with them silent, then we aren’t telling others what God has done for us. He wants us to tell our stories because they are part of His story. Our scars and our stories are for His glory.

In addition to writing, one of my hobbies over the last six years was drawing. I drew using patterns inspired by Zentangles. I call it doodling with a purpose. It kept my hands busy while I sat by my husband’s side as he battled cancer. Drawing gave me quiet moments to process what was going on around me. He gave me a way to express the love and comfort He gave me when my world was falling apart.

I have included some of my drawings in this book. Together, with my written story, I hope they reflect the kindness of God’s heart, the strength He gave me, and the never-ending love He poured into my life, no matter the circumstance.”

– Joanna Glass, Author of Jesus Steps In.

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