Art That Comes From the Heart

Aside from writing, drawing has helped Joanna cope with the one of the most difficult phases of her life. She channeled her talent through drawing artistic patterns inspired by Zentangles. Doing so gave Joanna quiet moments to process what was going on around her. This kept her hands and mind busy while she sat by her ailing husband’s side.

Joanna has decided to include some of her drawings in her book, Jesus Steps In. She hopes that through her story and art, people would also experience God’s greatness.

Joanna is also a fused glass artist. When her husband’s health was failing, he encouraged her to explore her love of glass art. She fuses glass, adding a bit of sparkle to her creations.

Art With a Purpose

As an artist, Joanna wants her pieces to reflect the kindness of God’s heart. She wants them to symbolize the strength He gave her, and the never-ending love He poured into her life, no matter the circumstance.

Joanna’s designs aren’t just limited to her book illustrations. She now runs a small business for her fused glass art. If you’re interested in buying her creations in Dallas, TX, you’re free to browse through her works.

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