Inspiring Lives

Sometimes people tend to blame the Lord for the unfortunate events that happen in their lives. Through Joanna’s experiences, she has learned that God doesn’t wish misfortune upon His people. While He may not solve the problems for us, He is always there to help us through them.

Joanna’s goal in her book and in her blogs, is to others realize that there’s a deeper meaning in our suffering. She hopes that through her stories, she can share her view of who God is and His role in their lives. This way, people can come to terms with their struggles and realize that the Lord is the only one who can ease their pain.

Joanna has found the love and peace of God in the inspirational words put into song. She enjoys meeting Christian music artists and sharing how they were used by God to reach her, encourage her, and help pull her back into the light when all seemed dark.

Matthew West with Joana Glass
Matthew West
Jason Gray with Joana Glass Jason Gray

Thoughts to Ponder On

Everyone has the tendency to forget God when they’re experiencing a great storm in their lives. However, you don’t have to go through this alone. God will always provide and guide you through.

If you need a little reminder of God’s unconditional love for you, reading Joanna’s personal blog can be a great start. Find your way back to the Lord. Learn more about Him through Joanna’s posts.

Danny Gokey with Joana GlassDanny Gokey